Treatment For Ovarian Cysts

Often a routine ultrasound will pick up an ovarian cyst if a woman is having menstrual irregularities like worse cramps or heavier flow. There are blood tests and special testing that can be performed to identify if this is a benign cyst that can be watched or if it needs to be treated.

Treatment options are many and a conservative approach with blood work and special ultrasounds can be very helpful. Sometimes an MRI is necessary and a laparoscopy may be helpful. This is best done by a specialist and involves placing small instruments inside the abdomen when the patient is asleep and very carefully draining the cyst. It is usually possible to leave the ovary in place so as to not affect the hormone production or affect her fertility.

In addition minimally invasive surgery done by a highly trained expert can allow for a faster recovery and less pain. There are older ideas about using birth control and other hormones to help cysts shrink but these ideas have been shown to not be successful and can sometimes just cause a delay in diagnosis or in getting rid of the cyst.