Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. Webb is an expert at hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and specializes in treating patients with bio-identical hormones. Hormone therapy can be administered orally or topically, as well as through the use of pellets. A preferred method for administering these hormones is in the form of small pellets, the size of a grain of rice grains. These tiny pellets are gently placed painlessly under the skin. This method allows for safer “transdermal” delivery, which has been repeatedly shown in clinical studies to have fewer adverse side effects when compared to oral administration. Patients often prefer this method of natural HRT as it can lasts for 3-5 month or more, and dosing can be tailored to individual patient’s needs.

The experience with hormone pellet therapy has demonstrated faster, better, and more complete relief of symptoms when compared to traditional oral hormone replacement therapy. Pellets have a very high patient satisfaction rating. In fact over 95% of our hormone pellet patients continue with this form of therapy due to the better quality of life and improved sense of wellbeing they enjoy.

If youÂ’re feeling any of the symptoms listed above or would like your hormone levels tested, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Webb today.