Pain With Intercourse

Some women experience pain with intercourse. This can be a sensitive topic for women to bring up. Unfortunately, women may be told there’s nothing that can be done even if they inquire about the problem to begin with. Pain with intimacy is not normal. Women have options to address this condition.

Burning or discomfort with intimacy can be caused by a few different factors, one of them being low estrogen levels. Another can be atrophy of the vaginal mucosa. The FemiLift procedure coupled with the O-Shot may help with burning if the burning is due to low estrogen or atrophy of the vaginal mucosa. However there are several commonly missed problems where the FemiLift or O-Shot will not help.

Dr. Webb specializes in vaginal issues and has specialized training in hormones, vaginal dryness, and treatments to address painful intercourse. If you’re experiencing discomfort with intimacy, schedule an appointment to see Dr. Webb today.